Installation shot "Dat kan anders"

​​​​​​​Dat kan anders is a curatorial project concerning the fluid boundaries between artist, curator and educator. The project investigates the possibilities of presentation as an art form. The work of several artists are utilised as the building blocks to investigate the exhibition as an autonomous medium for making art. This exhibition is transformed several times, each time resulting in a new artwork. The performances that cause the transformation are conducted from a thematic and usually personal starting point. 
Dat kan anders is an experiment with the artists, the material, the space, the visitor and me. Through the performances the influence of the presentation and thus of the curator, on a work of art became clear. 
Participating artists: Marlotte de Boer, Deveny van den Broek, Doreth Donkers, Machteld Hagnauer, Demi van der Heijden, Laurens van Genderen and Kris van Schaaik.
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