Dear Society, is a bimonthly grieving circle dedicated to creating an ongoing space for grief and grievers in today's world. Every two months the public is invited to come together to practice or witness grief and to touch into their feelings of loss which can come in any shape or form. The Dear Society, exemplifies how in today’s world, we are confronted with losses that do not only entail the death of lost loved ones. Rather than deriving from the narrow definition that contemporary society tries to attribute to grief, we welcome a multitude of experienced losses to be recognized as grief. In the programme grief is explored as an everyday life topic, something that can be recognized in more instances then we would think at first glance. Through this openness, people who might have not seen themselves as grieving are invited to participate in the grieving circle. The multitude of possibilities in feelings of loss will be reflected and served in the program, working to a more inclusive and diverse idea of grief. 

This expanded understanding of grief is something that is the starting point of the discussion that is central to the Dear Society,. Through screenings, lectures, performances and other events the audience will be softly asked, challenged or invited to think or discuss grief both on a personal and societal level. By initiating a recurring event that shows a stability of being bimonthly, grievers are facilitated to make place for their grief in an ongoing manner while not being restricted to their own homes. They are invited to navigate the sometimes overwhelming or scary feelings of loss or crises together with others.
Pictures by Lennart Creutzburg
Visual identity by Emese Veszely
Upcoming activities
04.05.24 at 13.00
blue: sip it, swallow it, spill it, smudge it
Anastasia (A) Khodyreva, performance lecture
Recover Laboratory, Aleksis Kiven Katu 16
Josefin Vargö, picnic performance
part of intent: practice, research, and togetherness

Lotta Petronella
readinggroup on grief and empowerment
collaboration with SEA Foundation
mariia Lemperk (Mariia Mytrofanova)
Lemperk Odesa 05.01.24 (2024)
pre-opening action  to If I Can Not Cry in the Subway