THE HELSINKI BIENNIAL ART MEDIATION FORUM 2023: An Anthology address the central themes of the biennial - contamination, regeneration, agency and computation - and provide an exploration of possible new directions capable of responding to an increasingly complex world, in reference to the Helsinki Biennial's title and main inquiries.
The Anthology is part of The Helsinki Biennial Mediation Forum 2023, a project which focuses on mediation as an articulation space for the biennial’s themes and artistic contributions. Apart from the Anthology, the forum also presented the Helsinki Biennial Symposium, which took place in December 2022, and featured talks by Filipa Ramos, Adeena May and Lívia Nolasco-Rózsas. Ideas and directions emerging from the Symposium are further explored in this publication.
"A relational perspective concerning movement is central to the navigational framework that Julia Fidder explores in Get Well Soon—Meditation for Institutional Healing. The text presents us with a spatial metaphor that probes the biennial’s decentralized structure in the context of what the author calls “institutional healing.” Fidder’s navigational parameters are situated on a more conceptual plane, prompting an investigation into how the Helsinki Biennial 2023’s healing practices are bolstered by both the art projects it exhibits and its curatorial methodology. Site-specific modes of working, decentralization, and shared responsibility shift the biennial’s focus from HAM and Vallisaari to broader directions, adding a reflective layer on the implications of New Directions May Emerge that extend beyond the island, reaching mainland Helsinki and the virtual realm." eds. Patrizia Costantin and Bassam El Baroni
Helsinki Biennial is curated by:
Joasia Krysa
The Helsinki Biennial Mediation Forum is lead by:
Patrizia Costantin & Bassam El Baroni
Featuring texts by:
Micol Curatolo, Julia Fidder,
Cyane Findji & Myriam Gras,
Joasia Krysa, Aska Mayer, Adeena May,
Lívia Nolasco-Rózsas, Filipa Ramos, Martina Šerešová
Graphic design by: The Rodina