Every year the Jindřich Chalupecký Award is awarded to five artists under 35.[1] This year’s laureates are Kryštof Brůha, Lenka Glisníková, Petra Janda, Gabriela Těthalová and Stony Tellers, accompanied by the guest contribution of Dutch artist Jonas Staal. In the curatorial statement, ‘collectivity’ can be vaguely recognized as an overarching theme, articulated through the proposal that we are all confronted with a multitude of hardships that, however, affect us differently. A promising approach that might speak to an intersectional exploration of the current state of our world. By reflecting on current day issues like the influence of humankind on our planet, the question of labor, anticipation of a dystopian future and coexistence between multiple species, the artists propose a worldview where today’s world is approached as a complexity that asks for a collective effort to facilitate healing and renewal. I question, however, if this collectivity can be reached through an exhibition of the format that is proposed here.
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