Design by Emese Veszely

Grieve with Me is an invitation to imagine alternative ways of grief in today’s world. In an attempt to oppose normative thought caused by capitalist thinking and the privatization of grief due to neoliberalism, the publication explores shared grieving rituals and communal mourning in contemporary times. Additionally, it explores how we can make room for and host these grieving practices within curatorial practices and art institutions. 
The publication includes essays, personal stories written by Julia Fidder and contributions by Juliana Irene Smith, Mourning School and Nadine Byrne in non-traditional publication formats like sound and textile works. In addition to these contributions, a fourth contributor will be selected through this open call, opening up the possibility to a wider network of people. 
Applications are open to all artistic producers, e.g. artists, curators, writers, poets. Contributions can be based on previous work but the open call aims to select a non-published work. Contributions in non-traditional formats are encouraged but all formats are welcomed. 
The publication will be printed in an edition of 25 copies, please keep this in mind when suggesting a handmade contribution. 
There is an artist fee available of €150,-. 
To apply, please send an email to and describe either in words or with visuals the idea for your contribution and add one paragraph that motivates why the contribution relates to the theme of grief or shared grieving rituals. If you deem it relevant you can add a portfolio/cv, but this is not mandatory. 

Deadline for the application is 20th of June. Deadline for the finished contribution is the end of August.